Hey there, I’m Taylor (you know, the one behind Taylor Lowe Photography). Most days you can find me chasing around my little one with dirty knees, messy hair, a t-shirt I’ve worn for two days straight, and a happy heart.

If you can’t tell by the statement above, I’m not just a photographer. I wear many hats that include being a mom to a beautiful 9 month old little girl (check out my facebook and Instagram account for photos of her. Im slightly obsessed with the little spunk!). Another hat I wear is the wife hat. In 2015, for some crazy but completely AWESOME reason, my husband decided to put a ring on it and call me “his” forever.

Since 2015, my life has been nothing but an upward spiral of crazy, unexpected adventures. From packing up all my belongings from my small town outside of Kansas City and adventuring out to Colorado for a year. To moving back to Kansas City our second year of marriage, starting a family, buying a new car, and home ALL IN A YEAR SPAN(Yes, you can call my husband and I crazy right about now). So enough about me.. kind of.

How did I get to this point? Why am I so passionate about photography?

Like I said previously, I grew up in a small town outside of Kansas City. Growing up, we lived in the dreamiest farm house (I’m talking Fixer Upper: Chip & Joanna Gaines kind of Dreamy). I can remember sitting on the floor, at the coffee table, in my huge open living room.

The coffee table had one HUGE drawer in it, stuffed with photos! Photos of my parents and their childhoods. Photos of my three siblings and my childhood. Photos of all of our pets, friends, extended family. You name it, we had photos of it. I would sit there and rummage through all those photos FOR HOURS. It seemed like every time I rummaged, I would find a new “treasure.”

When I turned 11 years old, I learned just how precious photos are. My childhood home caught fire and burnt everything I knew. Including that coffee table that held all of our family’s frozen moments.

It’s crazy what sticks with you when you’re a child. I remember vividly one night sitting at my grandparents house in small town, Missouri. My Grandma handed my parents a gallon sized zip lock bag of photos for our family to have in replace of the ones we lost.

So you ask why capturing moments is important to me?

One minute you are sitting in the middle of your cozy living room floor, going through hundreds of photos, making memories in your safe place: HOME. And the next, all you have are some photos in a gallon sized zip lock bag and memories in your head.

So what can I do for you?

If you have a desire to make those memories last. The true, authentic, candid moments last, you came to the right place.

My mission is to serve you with a real life pause button. To capture those irreplaceable moments for you. Let me focus on capturing the moment so you can be in the moment!

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